Experiments with sleep

When the state of lucid dream with stable enough consciousness and bright picture is successfully achieved, it becomes possible to conduct some experiments. Here are some of the interesting reports, made by Gennady Troschenko:

Study of environment, personages and their behavior:

Generally, dream personages made an impression of separate and independent enough individuals, similar to real people, though simplified, and having very short “life time”. Intriguing fact is that all of these “psyche organisms” are physically hosted by a single brain.

Study of hypnagogic phenomena:

When the activity became lower, it started to emit small beeps synchronically with oculogyration signal peaks. With further lowering of activity the beeps became lower in pitch, and finally turned into very low quacks in heart rhythm.

This was found to function as a kind of “sleeping tone” helping one to go asleep; it even had the usual drawback of sleeping medicine – it could cause addiction. After some time of using the system it became harder to go asleep without it.

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